Adactylidium: Life & sex

There is a genus of mite (Adactylidium) that doesn’t sex quite like other mites.

While Joe Mite might deposit his sperm-parcel someplace where Jane can pick it up, or he might even use his third legs to shove it on in there, Adactylidium fuck.

The male has this exoskeleton penis that is always ready to go.

Of course, Adactylidium’s somewhat conventional approach to sex isn’t that unusual in the mite world. There are loads of other mite types that have this exoskeleton boner.

It’s their chosen approach that makes them stand out.


Above is a female Adactylidium and she’s pregnant.

She’s living on a thrip egg, munching away at it.

Feeding her babies.

She has 5 to 8 daughters and a son in her womb.

She’s very happy.

Her babies are growing, shagging, moulting, and defecating inside her.

Her daughters are taking it in turns to ride their brother, grind him up against her womb walls as they grow.

There’s going to have to be a conversation once they’re all born.

Her womb is not the place for such acts.

Still, though. She’s very happy. She’s munching on her thrip egg and feeling them grow.

Got pregnancy glow.


A discomfort grows inside her.


And worsens.

Gets proper uncomfortable once her daughters’ heads emerge, her flesh between their teeth. (I presume) Blood dripping.

They’d eaten their way out.

She feels them wriggle free and might even hear a microscopic slap as they hit the floor.

She dies watching her daughters scurry off in search of their own thrip home.

Her son, who was not born to survive, dies having shagged his way through his own gestation.

4 days later, her daughters die when the same thing happens to them.

And that’s sex and life the Adactylidium way.




Tomos James

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