Bear attack in Florida

Andrew Meunier of Naples, Florida, was letting his dog out when this brown/black bear uppercut him.

He needed 41 stitches and he’s happy to be alive.

For the full story,

Is my reaction similar to yours?

Silly Mr Meunier, there’s no bears in Florida!

Florida’s got aligators, opossums, manatees, armadillos — no bears. Bears are like Washington State, the Rockies, places like that. Not Florida.

Silly man.

He got uppercut by some hairy dude with sharp nails.

Well, if so, I hope you’re sitting down.


‘Cause that bear right there is a Florida Black Bear!

Turns out they do have bears in Florida. Also in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

They even have their own wikipedia page.

I never knew!

I’ve learnt something today.

Tomos James