My patient-face ain’t a picture

If I’m honest, I’m getting rather fucked off with hack hack hack because going hack hack hack is really fucking annoying!

I’m getting even more fucked off with zzzzzzzzzz.

I move my arm and I need to sleep for 3 hours to recover.

And don’t get me started on being hot then cold — SETTLE ON A TEMPERATURE!! For fucks sake.

The only thing that’s not fucking me off is my hearing, I can hear! Give it until midnight and I’m sure I’ll be fucked off with sound, too.

So all in all, I’m not amused.

If I had the lung capacity I’d be:


Since I don’t, I’ll lie here and bite.

I’ve cancelled my driving lesson for tomorrow but I am going to go and see Myles. I need some cheering up.

Tomos James