A weekend of Christmas

As usual, I had a great time gatecrashing my best mate’s in-laws’ Christmas.

I’ve discovered a taste for cider, although it still tastes like feet. I prefer the cider I had out in Prague ’cause that tasted like apples. I wonder if apple juice and cider might work? But then I’d run the risk of diluting. Maybe I could find this apple tasting cider over here — maybe I should look.

Shaun and I did our usual Christmas Eve in town meet-up, that starts with shopping and ends with the pub. This year, we did away with the former and had a new drinking buddy, Myles. I’m proud to say, he gets the pub.

Christmas Day, I had that phone call from home before I got myself ready.

Shaun picked me up and off we went to eat and be merry.

Myles had his cousins from Luxemburg over, so I was let off the hook a bit. Fortunately, the one toy I was required to play with was a wooden train set and I like those. It had an upper and a lower bit. A train falls off when it all collapses — OH NO! Nee-naw, nee-naw —  oh, didn’t I mention? It came with a police car and fire engine.

Boxing Day was a lazy day until it was party time at the in-laws.


And so Christmas is over.

All those hours wrapping presents, giving up, and then distracting by ribbon are behind me.

All that food has already worked its way through my system, and my SoCo burps have dissipated, too.

The only things left are New Year and take down the tree, and then life is a back to normal.

We’ll get about 10 months of freedom until it’s back again. Christmas looming, and oh God! Wrapping presents. What a loathsome job. I hate it. But I am getting very good at distracting with ribbon.

Have a great last few days of 2017!

It’s nearly over!

It’s nearly time to celebrate!


Tomos James

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