I feel like at age…

I should’ve made a difference
I should’ve been less helpless
A fighter against the shadows
I could’ve improved things if only I’d cared
1 – 3
I should’ve been more considerate
I should’ve changed my ways
Better channelled my spirit
I could’ve been a pleasure if only I’d tried
4 – 6
I should’ve been more courageous
I should’ve stood up
Never tear’d away
I could’ve proved myself but I didn’t
7 – 10
I should’ve been less of a memory
I should’ve been better behaved
A much lighter weight to bear
I could’ve found value with a little more effort
11 – 14
I should’ve been silent
I should’ve sat on the floor
Beneath it all
I would’ve found acceptance in the mirror, maybe
15 – 17
I should’ve not stayed
I should’ve flown away
Set my sight on the stars
I could’ve spread peace from high but I was selfish
18 – 20
I should’ve known inside
I should’ve embraced and held
To hell, why not
I could’ve been much sooner assuaged
21 – 23
I should’ve not followed
I should’ve not peeked under rocks
Found things to believe
I should’ve stayed untarnished and harmless
24 – 26
I should’ve given up
I should’ve returned encased
Given dreams to dust
I should’ve lived on living life decided
27 – 29
I should’ve done more
I should’ve conveyed and cared
Their cargo mine
I should’ve found mercy underneath their weight
30 – 32
I should’ve known better
I should’ve known my place
Never longed for change
I would’ve been nicer had I stayed the same
33 +
I shouldn’t feel all this
I shouldn’t forget I’ve felt it
I’m my own best friend
Through good and worse, we got this


Tomos James

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