Driving lesson 5 — cruising

Today, after reversing into a bay leftways and then rightways, we went on a cruise around Portsmouth.

Traffic lights, roundabouts, getting into the right lane — avoiding things — I did pretty well.

I forgot I had a leftwing mirror, but then I remembered.

I hit a pigeon on its head (it flew off dazed).

I got stuck behind a learner having difficulty with gears — couldn’t help but think, should be learning in an automatic, honey!

I just want to drive now.

I just want to pass my test, get a car, not be able to park outside my flat and be motivated to move someplace with parking.

Ah, future inconvenience.

Wednesday next week people! 915

Parallel parking — if I’m still like I was last time I learnt this could prove interesting.


Tomos James

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