Driving lesson 4 — parking in a bay, THE RETURN

A day later than originally booked, today’s lesson was parking up frontways in a bay (we did backways last time).

We only tried this twice because it turns out I can do it.

Seeing the bay, slowing down, moving out, (indicating) and turning in. Ending up between the lines is easy, straight not so much.

I need to remember to give myself enough room and go slowly.

Once Reg was satisfied I could park, he sent us on a jolly up Copnor Road so I could do lanes, traffic lights, and roundabouts.

We ended up in the industrial estate where Bookers, a random comprehensive school, and Toys R Us is — big lorries, campervans, and cheap cars without indicators.

Eventually, we ended up on Eastern Road and did 50 mph for 2 seconds, and then slowed back down to the 30 crawl.

I then drove us back home, where the roads narrowed and I danced with fellow drivers as we passed each other.

I’m not a big fan of roundabouts, but today I saw a gap and I took it as opposed to sitting there waiting.

I remembered I had a left wing mirror, which is an improvement on last week.

I slowed down when things got narrow and found out I could squeeze through, so maybe the roads are built for 2.

I still need to master ‘car attitude’ and smooth braking, and I need to remember about buses. They stop in random places and have priority when pulling out.

Apart from one little car that appeared from nowhere, which I thankfully noticed, it was a good lesson. I enjoyed today.

Reg says that I seem to know what I’m doing, I just need to practice and build confidence.

He’s told me it’s best we have a date to work towards so he’s suggested I book my test now for around end of March / beginning of April.



Next lesson, a week tomorrow @ noon

Tomos James

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