A weekend of Christmas prep

The weekend began with hours spent decorating the tree.

Looking at it, you wouldn’t know, but it was hours.

Putting the lights on, taking them off, putting them on, taking them off, until I eventually gave up.

For some reason, I couldn’t get away from the centre core of light with dark branches look.

It isn’t what I’d envisioned but whatever.


Once all festive, I cracked on with present buying.

I am pleased to announce that it is the 4th of December and I only have 3 left to get!

YAY! GET IN! This has never happened before.

So to celebrate, I met up with Shaun and Myles in town. We had lunch, did a bit of shopping, and pretended we were trains weaving through the crowds.

All in all, feeling festive.

Tomorrow, I’m going to have to get some mince pies.

Tomos James

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