Driving lesson 3 — driving at warp speed

Although Reg said we were heading to Waterlooville, it was more the Drayton / Widley area we ended up in — that’s not quite Waterlooville.

Anyway, with the sun being an autumnal eyeful, we headed along the seafront, around Bransbury Park, up Eastney Road to Eastern, avoiding cyclists and suicidal pedestrians. From 30 to 40 to 50 mph — white knuckles as outside speed-blurred between traffic lights — and back down again as we negotiated a roundabout that required the correct lane or else we were on the motorway. We drove by Sainsbury’s and B&M, towards Bedhampton, and took a sharp left at a pimple that took us up Portsdown hill. After about a mile we turned into a 20 zone and coasted back down, and then retraced our way back home.

I quite liked it, it was enjoyable.

I found driving at 40 after 30 to be pretty fast, and 50 like warp speed — the steering becomes so light you only got to give a teeny nudge to do doughnuts.

I found driving at 30 after 50 like crawling. Crawling and dragging something heavy. God, so slow!

A few things to remember:

Check the left wing mirror — I remember to check the other mirrors but this one is quite some distance away.

Brake smoother — The brakes on this car are very sensitive. It only takes a little millimetre to headbutt the steering wheel.

Judge the width of the car — It’s not quite a tank but it’s certainly wider than me. Apparently, I can be less cautious when things get narrow.

Know my lanes at roundabouts & traffic lights — It would be easier if the council or whoever actually, you know, painted them but I can help myself if I know where I need to be.

Something about ‘car attitude’ — I assume this means to stick the car confidently where it needs to be. Either that or learn to sass with the windscreen wipers.

Tuesday next week people, noon!

I’ve no idea where I’ll be a danger.

Tomos James

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