A weekend of mad love nuptials

And it was certainly madness!

Joker & Harley Quinn


It’s not a wedding-type I’m likely to relive, nor forget — it was positively a one-time thing!

This is how I went…


Although I missed most of the service taking Myles backwards and forwards to the toilet, the bits I caught were very beautiful.

It was a day of much promise and much spirit, and I wish them both the best.

To Erika & Aaron

Much love, laughter & happily-ever-after!

Let the years bring you bliss xx

Oh, and I touched the bouquet after it was thrown. I didn’t catch it because, please, but I touched it. No-one else did. Apparently, this means I need to get married now. I, um — no. I prefer a good funeral.

Tomos James

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