Driving lesson 2 — parking in a bay

Today’s lesson was a practice for future shopping trips — parking in a bay, between those 2 white lines…

Because Tesco’s carpark is a little more advanced than lesson 2 we went to Canoe Lake and shared its 146 spaces with another learner. She was parking up frontways while I was doing it backwards. We were like a beautiful dance, unsynchronised.

Although I don’t remember ever learning how to park in a bay 15 years ago, it turns out that the whole concept isn’t alien to me. Lining up, looking around, going backwards, stopping — ending up between the lines, ever so important. Vital, some might say.

Besides forgetting my left from my right, and not ending up particularly straight, I was between the lines every time! I’m a born natural, apparently.

Afterwards, we went on a jolly around Eastney. I encountered my first set of traffic lights and squeezed by a lorry.

No scratches and no-one killed!

Next lesson, Tuesday @ 915.

Heading off to Waterlooville.

So if you’re in the area, best stay indoors.

Tomos James

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