The consultant’s verdict

Yesterday was my appointment with the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. Against my expectation, I was seen 30 minutes early. The consultant asked about my dizziness. When did it start, what’s it been like, how have I been managing. I wore these goggles that I couldn’t see through but he could, and he stuck this vibrating thing behind my ear. I got up on a table and he grabbed my head, and whoosh down into his lingering gaze. It lasted around 15 minutes.

He then sent me for a hearing test where I had to press a button whenever I heard a tone. Once done, I was back with the consultant for his verdict.

I do not have Labyrinthitis, or any other similar condition, but suffer from stress induced episodes of dizziness.

Since leaving Portsmouth Water I’ve been reducing stress, and all I’ve done has improved things. I no longer need the medication and I’m no longer hugging the toilet every day. YAY!

Could this mean, in theory, this dizziness is licked?

Tomos James

6 thoughts on “The consultant’s verdict

  1. Oh boy that’s great news! I’ve been stuck again, my ENT doc has ran out of options and meds to try. This constant dizziness and daily vertigo is horrid :( I hope yours will only get better and better. Maybe I’ll have a little hope too. xo


          1. It improved slightly this year when I started taking Notriptyline but it has only helped a little and we’ve been stuck at that. I still have vertigo daily although it is not as violent all the time like the first 2 years. I still get flare ups where I can’t sleep at all because I spin so violently. Very frustrating.


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