A weekend ahead of myself

Because of ninja dates changing their days (in line with their wicked ways) the original plan of meeting Kayte in Exeter went out the window, and so onward to Truro it was.

It worked out cheaper doing this, as opposed to going home and trying again the next day. Also, it was more convenient since the price paid for a train ticket doesn’t get you a seat. I’d already endured a rather cramped hour on a rickerty Great Western that I could do without reliving.

For reasons best left for the train people to explain, there are no trains between Exeter and Truro during the whole 15th hour of the day. Since I was arriving at 1444, at the exact moment the last Truro train left before 1620, I had this lifetime to kill somehow.

Unfortunately, whilst changing trains at Salisbury, I took the wrong turning and ended up in the pub. It just one of those things that happen, I suppose.

A few hours later, as I caught the train in Exeter, Storm Barry began dumping the wrong type of rain on the track. Slipping and sliding — I arrived at half-seven and nearly missed my dinner reservation!

My arriving early allowed us to do menially chores before we joined her family in Lustleigh. We came here 2 years ago and stayed in this utterly delightful thatched cottage. It was well presented and cosy, just what you’d want if you had a half-mil and a dislike of society. This year, we’re in a cottage down the lane, a mere stone’s throw from the medieval (I assume) church and local pub. The cottage is just as lovely and just as thatched.

Yesterday, Kayte and I took a stroll through the countryside. We followed this road, found a footpath, followed that, and climbed many steep hills. I don’t know how it worked out, we seemed to be going up more than down, but we got back to the village eventually.

Today, getting ready to do the same.

Have a great week peeps!



Tomos James

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