A weekend doing the opposite of what I intended to do

My biggest plan done opposite was staying at home instead of going to Wales. I thought my mother had taken time off work but she’d picked up more shifts. Rescheduled.

Frienemy / Kill The Killer / Whatever it’s called these days needs its re-plan and re-write. I sat down to start and wrote something else. After nearly 2 years waiting, Your Funeral Guide has an introduction! The core of it is outlined. The layout is a bit of problem. And the idea is exploding into something quite different.

It’s nice that I can write about this stuff again, though. I like death and I like the industry. Enough time has clearly passed to allow me to return. From home. On my own terms. With the actions of The Co-op somewhere behind me.

A while ago, reading a paragraph like this…

There is perhaps no other experience in life which can compare with the finality of losing a loved one through death. Because we understand this we ensure that the colleagues we employ, our business methods, premises and vehicles are of the highest standard possible.

… would’ve got me in a rage. The lie in that last sentence is staggering. But now I’m sufficiently far enough away, I can laugh. I can steal the first sentence. Let it prompt me to remember what I used to say to families. And, VIOLA! An introduction, baby.

I’m glad Death is back in my life. I’ve missed it.

Tomos James

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