Loose ends fray, or do they?

My loose end yesterday got me in a baaaad mood. Nothing I wanted I could have. Everything I tried, I failed. I have a story to plan and that was just too hard. Impossible! I just sat there looking at it.

Bit of a shot day if I’m honest.

Any film I put on, didn’t like.

Any music I put on, didn’t want.

Writing? Couldn’t do.

I couldn’t even play Angry Birds and that has anger in the name!

By 7 pm, oh boy was I little shit.

When Jackie called, she got an ear-bashing but she let me bash away and I was alright after my rant. Her ears probably bled from the lot of nothing I was annoyed about, but that’s just a risk.

Once left to my own devices again, I had to find something to do.

To cut a long story of restlessness short, I ended up going through my Shazam. I Shazam a lot of crap. Mainly songs off adverts. But I found this little treasure:

I quite like it.

I very much quite like it.

I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since.

And after a bit of mirror singing (I’ve learnt the words) I got writing and found the opening scene! I didn’t do any planning but I got my opening bit. I’ve even reread it and it’s not awful! Get in! I might actually keep it.

So maybe yesterday I wasn’t at a loose end after all.

Maybe I was meant to be restless and get really annoyed. Maybe I was meant to get addicted to a song. Maybe I was meant to have these mixed emotions so I could get into the mindset of my killer.

Maybe, who knows… All I know is, he’s dead. The poor, poor victim is murdered.

Have a great day, folks!

Tomos James

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