I have some sad news to report…

The great and glorious world envisioned by that funeral home’s very own bully manager shone briefly and then spluttered. It then splintered and petered out to naught. It’s now no longer worth the lies it was thought on. All that effort. All those calories burned. For nothing. She ain’t even got a crumb to show for it. Isn’t even in the same area. Got shipped to some dark place to be forgotten. All the while, karma serves up its first course cold. Just a little emotional turmoil, enough to whet the appetite.

Little Miss I Don’t Want To Do no longer has to — dismissed for not doing. Tut tut. You’d think she would’ve learnt to do but she never did what she didn’t do, so… If only she did what she never did! Ah well, like I said a few posts ago: The future’s bright, the future’s daunting. And she’s fortunate, That funeral home gives such a heartless reference with your P45 that says: ‘Yeah, they worked here. Don’t contact us. Ever.’

And that’s my news. I’ve gone through a whole box a Kleenex. I bet you have too! You see, bad things do happen to bad people and it really gets the emotions flowing.

If you have ever been bullied rest assured that your bully is getting bullied by life.

Enjoy it.

Tomos James