Vertigo migraines — I have an appointment with the specialist!

I have an appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist! And it’s pretty much next week (not).

1st November.

Lucky it’s not proper urgent or something, eh?

The Dr said it would be in 13 weeks back in June, so that’s about 4 1/2 months — pretty much on time for the NHS.

I’m getting a letter to confirm things, like where I’m to go. All I know at the moment is that I have to be at the hospital on this date at a time I’ve forgotten. I think 10 or 1. There’ll be daylight, I’m certain.

On the whole, the vertigo has been much better. Over the past 4 weeks or so I’ve been more prone to an attack, and yesterday was awful. But I’m not suffering as frequently as I was. I wouldn’t even say that I was suffering at all. I’m not. Quite mild and manageable. I think this is because now I can act upon it and take my time as opposed to rush and trying to ignore.

Concerning stress, and in particular anger — I’m not as irrational anymore. Ditzy Dave unwittingly pissing me off doesn’t get told so explosively, if at all. He might get a look, I’m not in control of my face.

And with this improved rationality, I’ve picked 2 fights with big business. Aqua, a local taxi firm, and Deliveroo/Zizzi combo. The first I was never going to win but I was practising and certainly got my point across. The second got me a full refund and credit, that day as I demanded. And I wrote the complaint! I did. I typed it up and sent it. Very rational. Not great English. Bit bitty. Still a little win.

Alcohol and such, at Jo’s party I was drinking cider and even did a shot! I was meant to do 2 jägers but I was in with the bar maid. Faux pour, clever hands, a bit of acting — I’m quite versed. I didn’t feel great Sunday but then I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I felt worse Saturday day before the party started and the cider gave me reason to sway.

Yesterday was because of a lack of sleep. I had 4 hours. By the afternoon I was alright because I took it easy in the morning. But tiring. I was looking after my dude Myles and we were playing hide and seek — counting one to ten, and he skips numbers. Playing cars. Up and down. Over here…

So there we have it.


Have a great evening!

Tomos James