A weekend of cousin lovin’

In another reality, one in which honesty comes naturally, this weekend would’ve seen my cousin Jo get married.

Fortunately, since we’re in a reality where love has no conditions, this weekend saw a party thrown in her honour. It was a celebration to celebrate who she is. She is an amazing person.

FUCK YOU, MARRIAGE! Was the sub-theme.

I got up there on Thursday to promises of ‘unwind’ and I got beaten on Friday when I wasn’t working hard enough. I kid, my aunt only spanks with a whip. I don’t call her Madam Whiplash for nothing.

Saturday PAARTAY!!! Once the final touches were done. I used my dance moves as an icebreaker on the 40 people I didn’t know. Jo has some wonderful friends. They’re all just as amazing as she is.

Sunday Jo and I went to the shop in our pyjamas. Her’s were Jurassic Park and mine, Sonic the Hedgehog. We fitted right in.


Having a party in lieu of marriage was the right thing to do. It’ll serve as closure. It offers an alternate memory for the date. It’s a joyous little ‘fuck you’. But most of all, it allowed people to gather and celebrate this person they love.

Out of the two of them, Jo’s not the one who is going to stagnate.

You don’t go through as much as Jo without growing. She is strength. She is beauty. She is just an amazing person to know. She is my best friend more than she is my cousin.

To the one who walked away: Ta-ra, nice knowing you but good riddance.

To Jo:


Live no regret xxx

Tomos James

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