Don’t go

I wouldn’t have minded so much
I probably wouldn’t have minded at all
Had you come over to ask
“Is this a good time to go?”
“No! Of course not, but if you have to —
“Suppose you don’t leave at all?
“Suppose,” I think crazy
“You stay and be lazy —
“I’ve got crisps we can eat from a bowl!
“We can talk until midnight
“Scoop humous by fridge light —
“But if that doesn’t tickle your mood
“Then we can do something else
“Like rearrange shelves
“Or whatever, there’s so much we can do!”
So that’s what I’d say
Had you asked me that day
Before you left, “is it alright if I go?”
I’d have asked you “so soon?”
And enquired “where to?”
And finished with “I love you, DON’T GO!”

Tomos James