My new fridge is here! YAY!

I’ve waited 2 hours longer than anticipated but who cares! It’s here! YAY!

My joy for this fridge is because the last fridge was a stress (politely put. Impolitely, a pile of infuriating crap).

It came with the flat and it never had the door shelves nor the salad crisper box, and it only ever had one shelf. But more annoyingly, the icebox bit always froze over to the point that it opened the door and took over the only shelf, and this happened no matter the temperature the fridge was set at. I could’ve lit a fire in the salad crisper space and it still would’ve gone glacial.

And what happens when the door opens? The ice melts and then there’s a puddle on the floor.

And when does this happen? When it’s home alone.

Too many times I’ve come home, taken off my shoes, and got wet feet — no more! YAY!

It’s only taken 7 years.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Not shown, the under-hang of ice that took up the shelf.

In preparation for the new fridge, I had to defrost the old one. You might be able to see a little hole in the ice where I had a screwdriver. Chip, chip, little fall off, chip chip — this method (with hammer) is very time-consuming. But I found (accidentally) going through the base of the icebox and releasing the freezing-fluid inside really sped things along.

A good dousing of salt water dispensed from a squirter, leaving it, periodically peering in to inspect — it took 8 hours in total, the last few spent waiting for the stragglers to melt. I had a big tub and a bowl masterfully placed to collect the worst of the water. A nice blanket of paper toweling on the floor to be a soak away. And when a river formed — meandering through the kitchen toward the washing machine — I dammed that shit right up!

I would’ve boiled the kettle and done it that way but after going through the bottom of the freezer, hearing the hiss, and watching big chunks fall off, I couldn’t see the point.

Big chunks, CRASH! Satisfying. Startling but satisfying.

I really hated that fridge.


Gone forever!


Good riddance!

Now this new fridge…

The door handle is on. The plug has been found (it was really well hidden). All the tape is off. Its box is outside ready for recycling. It’s sat where it’s going to live…

And now I just wait.

I just have to wait for the coolant to settle and then I can turn it on!

The manual says to wait 2 hours.

The delivery driver said to wait 4 hours.

Well, since I’ve got nothing fridge-worthy in (no fridge for 2 days) it can sit there and settle until morning.

YAY! I just want to open and close the door!

Tomos James

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