A weekend of tip tripping

It is a little sad truth that a Great Clear-out isn’t complete until the local tip has been visited.

Until such time all crap must be piled high in the hallway, along the living room wall, on one side of each stair, to make home living dangerous.

The danger is required as punishment for the crap acquired throughout the years.

So I dutiful was punished for a few days —I tripped over things, stumbled, and knocked the piles over — until enter Shaun, his car, and Portsmouth Recycling Centre!


I’ve never been so excited to visit the dump!

We got there and sorted things between household, cardboard, and metal — done!

One trip, all tipped!

Oh, and we saw this really cool digger that they used to squish the recycling down — it’s cab was on stilts! I didn’t think to take a picture.

But that wasn’t it, Shaun had things to go to the tip but his took 2 trips (na-na!) — we decided to go to Havant (pictured) for the last trip to give spice to our day.

And then we went to his allotment and harvested potatoes. Myles and Hannah came with us. Myles was given the job of watering and I helped.

Now that I can move around without the danger of being lost under a mound, this place is strange — calming, more peaceful. At least, it is better than it was.

There’s still things to do. There’s the odd random pile of ‘???’ and a requirement of a chest of drawers, and I still need to go through the books and count the loose change. Furthermore, the Landlord is to get a list and now that the place is clear a deep clean wouldn’t go amiss (**cough Jackie).

But it’s all been time well spent, I can see the difference, it is better, so YAY! Happy Tomos 😁

Tomos James