A weekend with Kayte

When an invite to Cornwall crops up it’s rude not to go! So on Thursday I did.

6hr train trip entertained by a true crime magazine and a couple of movies — 2hrs of which stood by a slam door.

I was planning to get a taxi to Kayte’s once in Truro but there wasn’t one outside the station, I didn’t know a number, and I had no signal to Google on my phone. With all this, I decided to be adventurous and walk the route that I’d only ever walked once, without a map! Not one to brag, but I have an awfully good sense of direction. Although to achieve this I have to talk animatedly to myself, point and fight with my suitcase.

Kayte was working on Friday so I pottered about, did a bit of shopping, had a spot of lunch, and got soaking wet. Later in the evening we met up with Kayte’s mate Keren and we popped to their local and ended up in a bar called Vertigo.

Saturday was a day we were meant to do something, and we did! We watched movies, mooched around, talked talked talked (Kayte’s a talker), until Kayte’s mate Sally arrived in the afternoon to spritz Kayte’s hair before we headed to a restaurant for food.

Sunday saw a roast get in my belly, served at this quaint little pub in the middle of nowhere. Once sated, we went to the cinema to watch Dunkirk. It was a good film but I’m not certain how a plane with no fuel can fly around for the whole film but then I’m no aviator.

On Monday we fancied this chocolate orange cake that Kayte’s been raving about but the place wasn’t open so a mooch around was in order, a visit to Waitrose, and we ended the day with sausage and mash!

Today the place with the cake was open but it didn’t have the cake, so I settled for a slice of carrot cake — odd texture. Very nice but it was like paste but like cake, very strange.

Kayte got me working, of course. Ironing — we had to create a rota — and cleaning, so much cleaning, and filling the dish washer and emptying it…

Hard life.

Thanks Kayte! 😘

Tomos James

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