Life, onward & forward

Sometimes you just don’t know whether you’re coming or going, leaching or laughing, and that’s cool. That’s life. That’s how things often be.


Beyond comprehension.

A little fun and / or scary.

You’re moving forward, heading deeper into this great wilderness of chance and beat, following a path that juts and twists — through glittering expanse and cramped track — and it leads you higher than Everest and deep down into the Earth. The going goes good. Smooth gravel under foot. The going goes rough — you stumble, twist your ankle, carry on — battle through overgrowth! You lose your way, find your path again. A little different, a little changed — a lot the same. The same things — like and nice, trial and spoil. Still onward. Forever forward. One step at a time.

Regularly, amongst the weeds and roses, bluffs and crevices, a fork or crossroad appears — you’ve got a choice to make! — and so you heave to a stop, drop your clobber, and consider which route to take. You stand there scratching your chin, tongue poking out pondering — maybe you toss a coin, ask a friend, trust your gut.

Sometimes the road to take is obvious.

Sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes it’s a misdirection — a tinsel sun concealing gloom or ugly concealing beauty.

But whichever direction taken, always onward, always forward. Wits to test, things to try, lessons to learn, love to feel, dreams to aspire…

Life isn’t long enough for regret.

Life is chance and trust and attempt.

Life is yours to get.

Tomos James