A weekend of black tie & champagne

This weekend saw the social event of the season get held at The Port House, Port Solent — Uncle John’s 60th & Retirement party, hob-knobbing with Lords, CEOs and the like — black tie, free bar, live band…

I watched Downton Abbey in preparation so like a duck to water, I got it all over me.

The festivities started Friday night when I met mum and Jeff at The Roundabout Hotel. It’s a hotel on a roundabout in Fareham. Very pleasant, very nice — the company was alright, too! We had food and set the world right.

Saturday required a trip into town to buy shoes and a belt — I hulked that thing! — and I met up with Jo on the hunt for a dress. After 2 dresses were bought we went with her mum to the venue to dress tables. After that, Cava time! We got to John and Leah’s and he found out that I drink-smoke, and then I discovered that if I continued drinking and hit this happy medium then my unsteadiness and nausea has reason. I’m not saying that 19989594_10155292406421480_452086702955232112_ndrinking alcohol is the cure of vertigo, but a happy amount makes mine excusable.

Once trussed in our finery it was time to party, and us fabulous lot — Jo by Alex, Mark by me — were naturally the life and soul, only upstaged by a CEO named Dave.

Sunday I watered the allotment.

Another good weekend of doing something quite random.

Tomos James

5 thoughts on “A weekend of black tie & champagne

  1. Alcohol and cheese (dairy) are triggers for migraine though :( in both forms of headaches and dizziness. Go easy love! xo


  2. Alcohol and cheese is a bigger trigger for migraine though :( in both forms of dizziness and headaches. Go easy love! xo

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    1. Thank you! 😄 I’m not a big fan of cheese so that’ll rarely be an issue, and I discovered the alcohol affect way back when this all started – 3 drinks and I was hurling my guts up! Well, I wasn’t standing for that, not at today’s prices, so now I don’t drink as often, don’t drink as much, stopped shots (unless coerced), and I’ve weakened my Southern Comforts 😟. All in all, unamused. I liked my Southern Comforts. I liked them strong enough to stand a spoon in it but alas, the bottles will last much longer xx


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