Vertigo Migraine — I seeeee you! (not)

It’s in my eye.

I’ve got something in my eye!

Ugh, and it wriggles.

It’s like sickly clumps threatening to weep from my tear ducts.

It’s like a bear’s come along and had a shit in my eye, mushed it in so it’s clumped around the nerve.

It’s like I’m looking through water, like things aren’t focused — it’s this ghastly headache that complements the nausea and dizziness negatively.

It too can fuck off.

Tomos James

4 thoughts on “Vertigo Migraine — I seeeee you! (not)

  1. “it’s this ghastly headache that complements the nausea and dizziness negatively.” I’ve been having this too, tried new meds today and the side effect made me throw up. Grrr. Big hugs xo

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    1. Oh, really? That sucks. Get yourself back to that doctor, get that prescription changed, and nah, you ain’t taking something that’s going to make you worse. You suffer enough as it is xx


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