A weekend of 90s rhythm

c761bb6c-f3bb-4b27-9e93-784bdecd60f7.jpgStarting on Saturday with Jackie’s house move, making me lug around a washing machine and sofa corners, and things like that, like I’m somebody with upper body strength! I did like pushing the truck / trolley / cart thing (in picture) through the streets ’cause it was like driving (I don’t drive). I only crashed into a wall and a fence. Did pretty good.

Now that she’s in her a new home, she’s sorted.

Afterwards, it was BBQ time! It was Hannah’s mum’s birthday party and I put this blue spray in my hair and looked fabulous! Myles was there and he was in a funny mood so we had to play cars, read books, and it took me a good half hour to convince him he wanted to party! Once convinced, though, animal.

Shaun’s mate Tony come down for a visit so it would’ve been rude not to go to the pub. I woke up Sunday half dressed and half on the sofa with a half made cup of tea beside me (milk, teabag, mug), half alive and half dead.

At 2pm, it was The Rhythm of the 90s on Castle Field — what was once just a little gathering by the bandstand is now a whole event, pretty much. It had a big stage and loads of people. Thousands of people. Martin’s photo above makes it look quite sparse.

It was good ol’ 90s club music. Don’t ask me to name the songs they sang it was just big box little box stuff that I knew.

We had a picnic, played ball with Myles, met up with Martin, and a great big portion of Shaun / Hannah’s family, and it was all very nice.

Great weather, great company = great weekend!


Tomos James