The Dr’s visit debrief — too long for text message

Aaaaaaaand (deep breath in)…

  1. I have been signed off work for a further 2 weeks.
  2. I have been referred to the Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, but this is a 13+ week wait.
  3. I have been prescribed a new anti-nausea pill. It is an emergency pill for when the other pills don’t work. Called Dopopomine, Dopaponnine, Dopyopyone — let me get the box … Domperidone. Ah, sounds a bit like Dom Perignon. I’ll just say I’ve got that.
  4. I have been prescribed a beta blocker — Propranolol, or as I say, Propopanol — to give (basically) a limit to my heart rate. So when a stress occurs there’s a limit, I guess.
  5. I have been asked to read the BASH Guidelines for Diagnosis and Manage- (the copy of the PDF gets cut off ½ page) — I’ll get on Google. He’s written down what I’ve got to search for but it’s in doctor’s scratch.
  6. I have been asked to refer myself to Talking Change — no idea, got to Google.
  7. Big thumbs up for Tai Chi in July. I was doing it anyway but always good to get an actual thumbs up.
  8. Got told my water intake was better if not excessive.
  9. Got told to eat better than the better I’m eating. I don’t really do meals, I pick, but I’m working on it.
  10. Because this hasn’t fucked off and turns up whenever it likes, Dr thinks I’ve Vestibular Migraines — specialist to opine.

See! Just too long for text 😵




Tomos James

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