A weekend of birthday cheer

It’s been my birthday!!!

Exactly why I’m still excited is a mystery, but I still am; still bouncing off the walls, annoying people. People are rolling their eyes now because my birthday was last week.

S’not my fault.

This year I got really excited and it’s taking me a little time to get over it.

Thursday was the main day, and this day I met up with the little man. First I went to vote and then bought myself a new bag, then I met up with Myles.

We went to the arcade on Clarence Pier and got a load of 2ps but hardly spent them, then we watched the hovercraft come in and out, and screamed. We had a free visit to the adventure play place. I had every intention of paying but there was no-one there when we arrived and by the time someone did turn up we were leaving. Besides, their lemonade was really expensive so at least this way we got our money’s worth.

The dude had his balance bike because this makes him a little quicker on his feet, his mum told me. A little quicker? I had to run to catch up! Bloody rocket powered or something.

Soon it was time to go home and we caught a bus. Myles hadn’t been a bus, this was going to be a treat. We waited 15 minutes for the first one to drive passed us, and another 30 for the second to arrive. I have to hand it to the kid, no fuss. He sat next to me all that time muttering about the bus that didn’t stop and playing ‘can you spot?’ (it’s eye-spy but for little people).

When the 17 finally arrived Myles screamed with unabashed excitement but I think the ride was a little underwhelming. After all, it was a bus.

We caused havoc when we got home, and Shaun and Hannah got in takeaway, and I would’ve gone to the pub with Shaun but I was pooped so I went home to bed.

Friday was work and vertigo. Yes, this vertigo shit is still ongoing.

Later in the evening my mate Kayte arrived. I put food in the oven and we put the world to rights.

Saturday started with me being startled — Kayte looming over me as I opened my eyes. Apparently I had alarms set that woke her. I didn’t hear them.

We had breakfast and then popped into town, and then we had high tea at the Tenth Hole. It’s a café that people rave about but it’s left us wondering why. It’s alright. It’s nothing fancy. It lacks character, if anything; very bums on seats and no spirit.

Afterwards we headed home to get ready for our dinner out. Unfortunately Shaun wasn’t able to make it (he’s moving house) but Kayte and I enjoyed our tapas and she tried ribs for the first time.

We then went to a bar but we didn’t stay there long, instead we headed home and put the world to rights.

We sorted out a fair few damn issues, one of which I’ll cover in a later post — it concerns this vertigo shit crap poxy bollocks.

Oh, Monopoly Deal!

Kayte brought Monopoly Deal with her, you played it? It’s nothing like Monopoly. It’s sort of similar but it’s playing cards. Much better.


Sunday Kayte went home and I wasn’t feeling too good so I finished watching Line of Duty.

I’m not feeling too good now. I’m feeling positively rancid.

If I ignore the vertigo:

Great birthday!!

Tomos James