This blog is 2 today!!

Terrible toddler years a’coming!

Just like a child this blog is growing and growing in confidence and spirit, and coming evermore lucid — I suppose it’s really I who is coming evermore lucid, evermore able to speak.

This is because of you.

You take time out to read what I’ve written and in doing this you are doing so much; your minutes mean a lot to me.

This might sound corny but it can get lonely this side of the keyboard and knowing there’s someone the other side of the screen is a comfort; makes the crazy seem less insane. Just generally keeps me relatively even.

Thank you 😘


Since today is a birthday I think we should all celebrate — make a toast to our reflections and treat ourselves with nice things. With all the bad advertising itself in the papers it’s a good excuse to remember the good.

And that good is you. What you do. Giving people in need your minutes.

Tomos James