Terror in London – closer than comfort

Last night a white van mowed down people on London Bridge. 3 people got out of that van and started stabbing folks. There then followed stabbings in the bars and pubs of Borough Market.

There have been deaths.

Fear created.

Pain stoked.

Because depraved, sick little pricks want to impose upon us their point, their pathetic little point of grandeur.

Last night, I was in Soho with my cousin.

If she hadn’t seen her ex and swerved, prompting us to start heading home early, we would’ve been in the area heading home as this was happening.

A few minutes here, a few there – had Jo not seen her, had we continued our evening, had…

It is sobering and surreal to be so much closer to a terror incident than is usual in my bubble of a life.




I find myself grateful that we saw this ex.

To these pricks:

You don’t scare me.

You want stop me.

You want cow my country, my people into submission.

You won’t achieve anything.

You will lose.

You are pathetic.

You are nothing.

I am British.

I am love.

I am human.

You aren’t.

My thoughts and love to the victims, their families, and to our brave emergency services.

To you, my reader, take care out there!

Be safe!

Be vigilant!

Carry on!

Tomos James