Lesson 10: Happy (insert special occasion here)! — Eh?

Contrary to my assumption, lesson 10 isn’t ‘pick a date and celebrate!’

“Happy (insert special occasion here)!” — just screams food, doesn’t it?

The brief says:

Tell us about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

Free free to focus on any aspect of the meal, from the food you ate to the people who were there to the event it marked.

Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice.

The soul who wrote these lessons has a distinct voice, a distinct ‘to hell with mistakes!’ voice. Doesn’t like commas and can’t spell ‘feel’. Also, I don’t think they thought things through.

Confession corner:

01) Not been free writing, meant to be — I’m writing quick(er-ish) but not free, and certainly not ‘to hell with mistakes!’ Heaven forbid, the most obvious goad.

02) Not been everyday’ing, meant to be — I’m meant to be on lesson 14 but I’m on lesson 10. I don’t have the routine for everyday’ing. By the time I get in from work and have some food it’s 10pm and I’ve got to think about bed because I usually have work in the morning.

So this lesson? I don’t know.

My family went out for our treats — we needed to celebrate? Restaurant. No particular restaurant. A nice one. I had scampi and chips, if they had it. I like those scampi crisps, too.

My mother did make me eat cod in parsley sauce, which is an abomination — not sure why, she didn’t like it either. Horrid stuff that came out on special occasions, usually as punishment. Kind’a explains the reason why, then.

I remember being sat at the table and not being allowed to leave until I’d eaten my courgette. I don’t like courgette. They’re like old cooked cucumbers. Yuck. I like cucumber, though. Love. Great big chunk, nip off the skin, delicious.

I used to think parsnips were OAP carrots because people get old and they go grey, and parsnips are grey and look like carrots.

White chocolate gives me a sore throat. I like white chocolate, though. I restrict this to special occasions (like Tuesdays).

I sometimes crave pasta.

I don’t like pizza — I will occasionally eat it but I find it highly offensive. If we’re ordering from a pizza place I’ll get sides, please. And dessert.

I’ll eat mushrooms as long as they’re not taking the piss.

Sprouts, they have to be eaten first. Same with swede. What’s that cottage cheese thing with swede? Was that even a thing? My mother use to make it — yuck! Mind you, I don’t like cottage cheese. Now that’s proper horrible.

I like broccoli, cabbage, and all that stuff — not peas. Marrow fat but not garden. My dislike is because you have to chase them around your plate. If they’re trapped then I don’t mind them. Loose, I’ll eat what I can get.

love raw carrot. Love it more with hummus.

Prawn cocktail gives me the burps.

I can fry an egg! This is an achievement, I’ve only learnt how to do it recently. I never liked egg but now I’ll have it either scrambled or fried.

Well, this has been a journey


In more of the spirit of what this lesson should’ve been:


It’s our last until August 😢.

Get out there, do stuff — I’ve found my shorts and I’m going to blind.

Have a great time, folks!

Tomos James