Bad mood worsening

For reasons only my temper knows, I’m getting shitty and shittier and evermore disgruntled. The day’s irritations have mounted, I’m grinding my teeth, clenching my jaw, and have a dead gaze to rival a corpse.

I can’t manage words. I can growl and snap but not speak.

I can’t manage patience. I just, no. Fuck off.

It’s lucky I live on my own.

What has annoyed me?

Well, I have no tea. That doesn’t help.

The taxi to see Myles was driven by a man who told me all about his health problems, I couldn’t care less. I cared more when he said he was losing feeling in his acceleration leg. I thought him a twat when he said he wouldn’t go to the doctor because of the ‘smack heads’, which I originally thought he meant drug takers. No, foreigners. The guy was a racist, too.

The taxi home got driven by someone who didn’t want to listen. “Palmerston Road”, I say, and there he is taking me on a jolly at my expense. Listening to some really crap music. Prick. And then he takes me to a random cash point so I cop and walk.

The walk home annoyed me. Drunks and louts being drunk and loutish. No time today, I’m sorry — bad mood worsening.

No tea.

I go to Sainsbury’s and they don’t have any. Sure, they have PG and Tetley but who wants that crap? I drink perfume, according to most around me. Twinings Earl Grey, and that’s too much for Sainsbury’s. It is only a small store and they rarely have milk so I’m not surprised.

Tesco’s annoyed me — can never find anything! Only a small store, too — traipsing around like a twat until I find the tea next to the bog roll because of course, I always have tea when I’m wiping my arse.

Get home and the milk is out of date. Well, it’s today’s date but I’m funny with my milk. Make tea, figured I’d risk it, and rank.

My playlist is annoying me.

I have this itch on my cheek that’s pissing me off, and on my elbow — I think I’ve caught the sun. Aftersun’s at a mate’s house, that’s annoying.

Sitting here is a bit irksome — going to bed will really piss me off.

And throughout the day it’s just been stupid people and attitude — hark at ’em like their shit don’t stink.

Now that I’ve listed my irks they all look ridiculous and that annoys me more

Tomos James

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