It’s been 1 year at Portsmouth Water! I know, right? Gone quick

This morning at 9am it officially became one year in Customer Service — Roxie and I shared little paper gifts and carried on as we’re now accustomed.

We haven’t drowned and we haven’t had our P45s — WIN!

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I just want to say that I’m really grateful for this year.

It’s not hard for me to recall the difficulty I had when I began. Fresh from a mental breakdown, courtesy of my former employer, I was a lot of façade and not much substance for quite a few months.

A liar, basically.

From my issues with going on the phones, through those relapses, to more recently the vertigo that saw me practically housebound — a nuisance sums me up quite nicely, too. Unreliable.

Not a winning ticket.

Barely the stub.

Despite this, and I’m sure my managers and colleagues have felt somewhat irked by my conduct, they’ve never once showed anything of the sort to me.

They have supported.

They have cared.

They are good people.

Real people.

People I can call my friends.


I haven’t rested completely on my laurels, I just want to put that in. Don’t want people thinking I’ve poor work ethic or something.

I am the Dictator of the Post, sorry Distributor — I penned Your Guide To The Post, which is a thrilling read that spans 7 colourful and visually pleasing (and brief) PDFs that cover everything you need to know about the post. I caught a trainer only last week using it to refresh her memory on saving. Mmm-hmm (you need to imagine me clicking my fingers with sass).

Also, I am a member of the letter writing group (on hiatus) and the customer service institute forum, and before I assumed power I was consistently the most call-answering person from quite early on.

I think I’m doing alright. I make silly mistakes and sometimes my contacts don’t save but I’m trying my best.

I’ve been a nuisance, that’s undeniable.

This coming year I’ll de-nuisance myself, be a little more ‘winning ticket’ I think. That’ll work.

Tomos James