A weekend of BBQ’ing & hanging

The weather held off sufficiently on Saturday to allow for the first BBQ of the season — a little chilly after the sun fell but we didn’t notice.

When I say ‘the weather held off … to allow’ I mean we would’ve gone ahead anyway, just nice not drowning whilst eating our burgers.

The BBQ was thrown for 2 birthdays. 1 was Matt’s, the other I can’t remember. Matt is my best mate Shaun’s wife’s (Hannah) cousin, or Myles’ uncle. Is it uncle? My mum’s cousin I call ‘aunt’, well I don’t, I call her ‘Madame Whiplash’ but that’s another story.

Anyway (before I get lost in all that), Matt’s birthday — best mates family.

A boogie, chit-chat — a photobombing grinning Nanny! I didn’t even notice her.


I will admit, I found the glasses supplied a little on the small side. It was suggested that I make my Southern Comfort lemonade stronger, thereby ensuring I drink it slower, but that just got me drunk quick. Jägerbombs, too. The sambuca reappeared and the tequila went down the sink. I know my limit (the taxi driver thought I was sober, LOLZ).

Very good time. Thank you for having me.

Sunday, not so good — not productive at all. It took my ages to write that conversation for lesson 07 learning blogging thing and if I’m honest, shit. I really didn’t achieve what I set out to do, whatever that was.


I’m still a little delicate.

I’ve got tonights one to do — adverb murdering — this blogging daily lark is difficult.



Tomos James