Lesson 05: Be brief — I was walking down the street

Lesson 05 of learning blogging wants me to be brief. So yep, tonights post (once it’s officially started) will be a short one.

I am to imagine that I’ve stumbled upon a random letter, which I’ve read and found deeply affecting. I’m meant to want (like really want) to give this letter back to the person who dropped it… I find I don’t.


I’m not very good with ‘briefly’ but I’ll give it a go.


I was walking down the street

A ball of paper bounced at my feet. Once, twice — it rolled into the gutter. Puddle.

It read:


I looked around — houses.

I looked up — window — something moved quick — huh, what?

A scream.


I called the police.

Took a picture, see?



Some people looked at me crazy because I did, I got an envelope, ripped off the back, wrote HELP ME on it, crumpled it up, took it outside, dropped it in a puddle, picked it up, opened it up, and took a photo of it. Also, my street photoshoot raised eyebrows — maybe shouting “Work it! The camera loves you, baby!” looked odd being said to nothing.

Oh but m’dears, it wasn’t to nothing — there was someone screaming and I’d photos to take.

Tomos James