A weekend in lieu of Paris

We’d booked this airbnb place with a view of the Eiffel Tower — I’d already got on the case to find out where things were, how to get there etcetera, and then vertigo’s amateur cousin (I’ve got an acronym, similar to Vestibular Neuritis) came up in here and saw the whole trip dead.

Luckily Kayte (who I was going with) was able to find someone to take my place so aside the fee to change the name on the flight it all went as scheduled.

We made cake — the wood is cake. You eat by blowing it on the floor.

Since I had the time off work and my mother didn’t want me (I thought I’d visit but she was working) I spent the weekend alternating between getting my life in order and seeing the dude.

Thursday — doctors followed by the park with the dude. We got home, played cars until daddy came home, and then we went to the allotment (or allot-un-ment, as Myles says) for watering and general mess making. Little dude was pooped.

Friday — I don’t remember. Possibly Tesco’s — I remember trying to get my season train ticket and failing (the office was closed).

Saturday — the allot-un-ment again. I picked the little dude up and walked ’round to meet up with daddy. We caused havoc and then walked home. Saw a few trains and then had a run — Myles saw daddy drive passed and he chased after him, little arms pumping. I had to carry him home otherwise we would never have got there.

Sunglasses selfie!!! We wanted daddy in the photo but daddy took too long.

Sunday — Netflix day, also takeout day. ALSO, lesson 01 & lesson 02 blogging learning day. Very busy day. Amazed I survived.

Monday — after waking very late, very productive. I’ve got my train ticket, tidied up, been up to the allot-un-ment and de-stoned an onion plot, watered only for it to rain straight afterwards, and got home to write this post. Dinner needs to go on in a bit (I’ve worked up an appetite) and I need a bath. I’ll arrange for those to happen at the same time. I need to get my bag ready for work tomorrow, too — I think a list is needed. Lets see how much I can get done by 17:30.

Throughout I’ve barely noticed vertigo’s amateur cousin — it seems, since being told that I have vertigo of the nerve as opposed to of the ear fluid, it’s done what it should’ve done weeks ago and learnt its place isn’t here, with me. I don’t want it.

Of course, now that I’ve said it, I’ve probably jinxed myself but to hell! I am a dangerous liver.

Tomos James