TEST, the return

There is this certainty that had the TEST worked in my favour then I would’ve explained myself sooner — you all would’ve known straight away just how amazingly knowing I am on these technical things that require points to be proved.

Unfortunately, the TEST didn’t work out in my favour, it made me a fool (more of one) — this amazing knowledge of mine was bullshit.

In my defence, the nuances of computer internet programming things are lost on me — ‘caches’, ‘metadata’, these are just words without meaning. ‘HTML’, ‘CCS’, ‘http’, ‘https’ — what is this, letter hour? I just glaze over because I’ve got no interest.

So what did I think I knew?

Twitter cards — mmm-hm, no idea either. Basically, when you tweet your post a twitter card is a picture to click as opposed to a written out link (as shown below).

Not : Is a twitter card.png

I didn’t know anything about twitter cards until I upgraded this blog to a domain. In the reading I did after purchasing I discovered them and I wanted them because they made clicking the link easier.

What I quickly discovered was that if I tweeted a post without a picture in it then I got a twitter card, and if I tweeted a post with a picture in it then I didn’t. I got a written out link with a picture and not a picture link.

not : is a twitter card PHOTO.png

Because of metadata and code inserting I turned to WordPress for assistance and got told it was cool, no worries — the reason why I wasn’t getting twitter cards for posts with photos in them was because of the 72 hour domain set-up. Once set-up, twitter cards galore!

So I waited.

72 hours passed and it was still the same — no twitter cards for posts with photos in them, only twitter cards for posts without photos. I turned to WordPress and got told that the reason why I wasn’t getting these twitter cards was because WordPress doesn’t support these types of twitter cards through its internal ‘sharing’ function (there’s lots of different types of twitter cards). If I wanted a twitter card I’d have to go to the post itself and press that little bird to tweet.

I thought it a little inconvenient — what’s the point of a sharing function? But anyway, that’s what I started to do.

Fast forward a couple of days and I discover that I no longer get twitter cards for posts without a picture — no matter what I shared I got a written out link.

I think to myself, what’s going on? And in a long and confused e-mail to WordPress I demanded to know what was true. Does WordPress support twitter cards? What am I meant to do? Screenshots get flying — TEST gets posted to prove my point — and then things get explained to me.

Basically, Twitter have this validation page where you copy and paste the post’s web address in it, press ‘validate’, and then something happens behind the scenes. From what I can figure, when a post is brand new to the internet Twitter doesn’t know to make it into a twitter card. You share the post, go to this validation page, and viola! A twitter card. You don’t need to do it all the time because sometimes Twitter knows to do it but now I’m just glazing.

So there you have it.

I was in a grand discussion with WordPress concerning Twitter that could’ve been nipped had it only been recognised that I didn’t understand. I’d used words like ‘thingy’ and ‘I don’t get it’ and ‘huh? I’m confused’ but I realise that these are ambiguous.

The odd thing is though, the last bloke I spoke to said after explaining everything to me: “I think with some practice you can probably get better at nailing it the first share.”

??? — he signed off before he could tell me how to practice.

I have since discovered that you can get a similar thing for Facebook — open graph, and its explanation is a load of words I understand on their own (to a point) but put in the sentences used I just wonder why people have to explain things so difficulty.

Everyday English is perfectly suitable, I just don’t know why people don’t like to use it.

Tomos James