Nationwide — still on your side if you don’t need money

Despite being super certain (and promising) the man from Nationwide ordered my new PIN for the wrong account again! YOU KIDDING ME?

Another 3 to 5 working day wait. How many is that now? So that’s, what? — oh yeah, 3 BLOODY WEEKS!!

I’m beginning to take this personally.

Georgina, the manager of the Nationwide branch in Portsmouth, called me this afternoon in response to my letter. She found my letter both concerning and amusing, apparently the latter came from my sarcasm. She was glad that I seemed to have a sense of humour. I think Amazon would disagree…

Now, as I suspected because their system was down on Saturday 22nd April, the delay in ordering the very first PIN was because their system stayed down and out until the Monday. Fair enough, these things are often shit. But still, unacceptable.

I received an apology for the inconvenience of the wrong PIN being ordered, but Georgina only had my letter and at the time of sending the letter I didn’t know this beautiful detail so she couldn’t further comment. Because I tweeted my last post first to Nationwide Insurance (in the good ol’ US of A) and then to the correct Nationwide and had a conversation with a lady called June, the wrong PIN wasn’t supposed to be Georgina’s surprise. June sent a copy of my post to the branch but maybe their system was down again or she sent the wrong one — Nationwide are good at that.

Intrigue thickens concerning these ‘chips’ Hafna required to withdraw money from my savings account. She has no recollection of arguing about them for 5 minutes and telling me that the requirement for these ‘chips’ was a long standing policy. Hafna even went so far that Saturday to apologise for my not knowing this policy and for all the other clerks I’ve encountered not enforcing it like her, but still — I do have a penchant for remembering bullshit.

Because Hafna has no recollection of these ‘chips’ that she spent a good portion of my visit requiring, and because Georgina today confirmed that there is indeed no such long standing policy to need ‘chips’, I am forced to surmise that Hafna was just being difficult. Argumentative. Didn’t really want to be there. Wanted to go home. Frustrated.

I can dig it.

Georgina wants to meet me tomorrow — I’m going to pop into branch because, you know, social occasion. I probably will go because I actually do need some money. All my money being stuck in Nationwide is making the day-to-day very difficult. All this week I’ve been raiding my piggy bank to buy train tickets because I can’t buy the season ticket because I haven’t got a PIN!

Yes, I could pop into branch as Georgina suggested — I can always do it, I need no invitation, she said. And I would, but the one where I live seems to be never open (at least when I go), the one near work never has any staff so you can spend your whole 45 minute lunch break just queuing (which I have) and never get to the front. And then you have the one in Portsmouth centre — I rarely go that way, and on the weekends I’m an onion digger and a house mover.

What would be really helpful is if Nationwide sent me a PIN for the correct account!


I’m losing my patience with this sort of crap.

*lost it. I’m looking for another bank.

Tomos James