Nationwide — ON YOUR SIDE! (If your side doesn’t require access to money)

Please be upstanding and slow clap Nationwide — without them the world would revolve too smoothly.

Saturday 22nd April — in branch, I order a new PIN for my current account. Get told it’s ordered.

Tuesday 25th April — new PIN gets ordered, I know because I called on Saturday 29th and they told me.

Tuesday 2nd May — a new PIN arrives for my savings account.

I can’t help but think if Hafna spent a little less time arguing about ‘chips’ and a little more listening then she might’ve noticed me say “current account” and point to the card; but, unfortunately, she presumed herself correct and was wrong.

This morning I sent my letter to the branch, and said:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please ask Hafna to explain why it took her until Tuesday 25th April 2017 to order my new PIN. I came into branch on Saturday 22nd April 2017 to order it and, although the system was down, she made point to give me her word that it would be ordered that very day. It wasn’t, and through her inaction it will now be nearly 2 weeks before I can regain access to my accounts. Is this acceptable? Her full explanation, please.

Also, during my visit on the 22nd, Hafna wouldn’t allow me to withdraw money from my savings account because she needed ‘chips’. Hafna was unable or unwilling to explain what she meant by ‘chips’ — was she hungry? Kindly explain her need for ‘chips’ to me, and forward all necessary literature for my understanding. The way she was talking about these ‘chips’ I wonder if I should’ve got her some from Burger King.

I will add, Hafna did eventually allow me to withdraw my own money as a ‘favour’. She couldn’t order my PIN, though. She couldn’t do that until Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I found Hafna to be argumentative and inconsiderate, and I’m sure that had she received her own measure of customer service then she would agree that it was unprofessional.

I look forward to your response within 5 working days of this dated letter.


The manager wants to be snappy in replying because I’ve got points to add.

This is getting a bit beyond ridiculous — not only do you get surly staff that attitude out their station like it’s some lofty height you have to keep going back and back and back because these lofty heights make them incompetent.

So, yes I’ve called and ordered a new PIN — I made the man be extra certain that he was ordering a PIN for the correct account — and it’s another 3 to 5 working day wait, he said.

These 2 weeks to wait for this damn PIN are tiring because it isn’t rocket science but becoming common place. Last year, when I set up my accounts with them, it took them 3 weeks to send me the PINs. The cards and bumf you get, I got that alright. Not the PINs, though. They required branch visits and phone calls, and an ever increasing frustration.

Will I get my PIN? Eventually.

Will I get it in 3 to 5 days? I’m not confident.

I suppose the real question is, why am I with Nationwide? They’re nothing but bother. I’m thinking that I should probably employ what I learnt from working at The Southern Co-operative Funeralcare.

During my interview I was told that I’d arrived 3 hours late. I hadn’t, I’d arrived at the time printed on the invitation. It turned out that there was an administrational error and I was told the wrong time.

Fast forward 5 years and my gran and then my cousin die and there’s no support, there’s no care from them. I get bullied by manager Janis, and then when I raise a grievance the Co-op’s there placing the onus of blame upon me.

What I’m getting at is, the Co-op couldn’t do a little thing right so of course there was no chance in Hell that they would get a big thing right.

Nationwide can’t send out a PIN — what if I get fraud’ed or something? What are they going to do? Can I be confident?


Tomos James