A weekend with friends & anger

Saturday saw me put to work on Shaun’s allotment, digging up onions that had flowered and planting new ones. I didn’t work alone. I had the expert assistance of a little person who gave reason to stop often for snacks, hide and seek, and to look at trains.

According to Shaun I’m a bad influence on his son. I shout out TRAIN!!!! when I see one and now so does Myles. Also, you know that adage ‘whistle while you work’? Well I can’t whistle so I de-dum-dum and now so does Myles.

Sunday saw a slap-up roast at the Lady Hamilton go down my gullet. Jackie’s treat and I can see why she raves. That lamb was just — it was just. I mean there wasn’t enough. This should be a regular monthly thing. I will say, it took us 10 minutes to click that Lady Hamilton was Lord Nelson’s mistress. The place was brimming with portraits of them, and their letters, and it just took us a minute.

There was, of course, also Amazon and Nationwide. Now Nationwide got me annoyed first, and they’re getting a sarcastic letter, but not an hour later Amazon came along to push me over the edge.

I have to hand it to their call centre staff, they do keep their cool. I wouldn’t have kept my cool because I no longer have the tolerance. And to myself, I hand my very reasoned shouting over because (a) it was reasoned, and (b) it worked. That’s headway. Reasoned anger, amazing.

Problem: still angry and blowing up every so often. It’s everything and anything now — it’s why I hate anger; lingering and feeding itself.

I’ve got some humble pie to be eating. I should probably calm down first.

And finally, through this whole post, there’s been an elephant in this room (other than me, I’ve put on some weight) that I’m just going to leave to its business and say no more on the subject.

Tomos James