Amazon Prime — a waste of time! They won’t deliver

Amazon delivery ninjas have been back again!

They couldn’t gain access…

  1. I was at home.
  2. No vehicle pulled up outside the property.
  3. No card was left.
  4. Instruction for the driver to call me once outside the property, not done.
  5. Instruction for the driver to leave the package by back porch, not done.


During forty-five minutes on the phone to Amazon being told they’re taking this seriously I continually reminded them they took this seriously yesterday and that their measure of ‘serious’ is ‘don’t give a toss’. Had they taken it seriously in the first place then surely I’d have my parcel?

Basically, I ordered this desk tidy in the shape of a skull. It better be worth it. I can make it wear my sunglasses when I’m not wearing them, and I can put things in its cranium.

Anyway, so there was a 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime — next day delivery, I thought thank you very much.

Delivery for yesterday. I updated the delivery instructions to ‘back porch’ because I knew I was going out.

So yesterday came and I popped out to see Shaun and Myles in the morning, came home, and then about 2 hours later I get this text and e-mail saying they’ve just tried to deliver but couldn’t gain access. I thought, that’s funny because I didn’t hear a vehicle (my flat faces the road and the noisiest things on it are the birds and I was writing a letter of complaint to Nationwide at the time in silence) so I wandered downstairs. There’s no card. Nothing.

Back upstairs I tired to arrange redelivery but the system wouldn’t let me so I rang Amazon and got told that my order was still out for delivery. I disputed this because I had a text and e-mail. Messages go backwards and forwards between Amazon and the courier and it turns out that they have tried and failed to deliver. They hadn’t arrived outside my property and managed to fail to deliver anyway.

Redelivery for today — by noon I’d demanded, but that didn’t happen. They failed to deliver at 14:21. The driver was meant to call, didn’t do that. The driver was meant to leave it by the back porch, didn’t do that. I have all this confirmed in an e-mail from Amazon. They were taking it seriously, remember. Guaranteeing delivery.


They don’t even turn up outside the property! They’re not even attempting delivery!

Now Amazon Prime is a monthly payment for expedited delivery. You’re paying this continually whether you order anything or not, so can some explain to me how all my previous deliveries that have not been Prime have turned up alright and for the one that is Prime they can’t even bother to turn up outside my property?

Next day! For Gods sake, I only want to stick things in its cranium! Loose change, a random key…

My order is being delivered by Amazon Logistics. You can’t contact Amazon Logistics, no-one can. Amazon can only send them a request that they then ignore.

Amazon Logistics will not reattempt redelivery the same day, even though they don’t actually attempt the delivery in the first place.

Amazon Logistics will not commit to a delivery window, the drivers get a route to follow that they don’t actually follow (if they did I’d have my skull desk tidy, surely).

Amazon Logistics will only deliver at any time up until 21:00 — they won’t actually turn up at your property, just expect you to wait in for them.

I do not recommend Amazon Prime

When I called customer service today the man just dribbled out how serious they take these sort of complaints, and how I’m just going to have to wait for the next available day. I said that that was unacceptable and asked to speak to the manager. He said that she would just say the same thing. To his credit, she did.

The main issue I have is that they keep calling this ‘redelivery’ — I put her straight that to be a redelivery they will have had to have attempted to deliver in the first place. Turn up, get out of the vehicle, walk to the door, ring the bell — I spelled it out to her. I described the willow the vehicle would’ve need to park under, the clear path to the blue peeling front door, the great big box on the wall with flat numbers and a button they would’ve had to stretch their finger out to press.

Just because the driver has (a) not bothered at all, or (b) turned up at a random property, does not make a delivery attempt. To actually attempt a delivery you need to try and give the package to the person expecting it and the last time I checked I don’t live in a random house. I live in a specific house, the address for which is correct on my Amazon account.

Not rocket science — all my other orders have arrived, why not this one?

Because I am very not amused I have told Amazon that I expect them to turn up physically outside my property by 21:00 tonight — to actually attempt this delivery they haven’t even tried to do. Failing that, between 09:00 and 12:00 tomorrow.

Knowing that the manager had ‘tied hands’ I told her to do more — to actually do something that would nip this complaint in the bud. I pointed out that once I’ve waited in all day tomorrow for Amazon Logistics to not show up at my door and still fail delivery I’m going to be calling back even angrier. The same for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday — for how long will this go on? How many days am I expected to put life on hold for something that should have been delivered yesterday?

She stupidly guaranteed that I’d have the skull tomorrow (by 21:00) — I don’t believe her, and I told. I repeated myself because she clearly hadn’t listened. I have given her 2 hours to get working and sorting and to send everything in an e-mail. Time’s up at 17:30. I’ve no confidence.

I won’t be getting this skull today or tomorrow or ever — the driver can’t even pull up outside my house, that’s what I think.

Amazon have increased my trial to 60 days — unacceptable. Why would I want another 30 days of not getting my next day orders?

Tomos James