Nationwide & Amazon — if they were in my family I’d put them out with the trash


If it isn’t Nationwide not sending me a new PIN it is Amazon not attempting to deliver but failing to deliver my order.


They’re more bother than anything else. The app is a pain in the backside and their online banking is atrocious. If their help centre can be unhelpful then it’s bonuses all round. With my old bank you could call them and do stuff. With Nationwide, nothing.

My PIN woes started when I locked myself out of internet banking and then blocked my PIN when trying to unlock it. This was Friday 21st April.

Needing money I went into branch last Saturday to get some and to order a new PIN.

Argumentative Hafna served me and told me that she needed chips to transfer my money. “Chips?” I said, “what like Burger King?” She gave me a filthy look and I didn’t understand what she meant. She transferred my money as a ‘personal favour’, apparently she didn’t need chips in the end.

Hafna said she ordered my new PIN — since I haven’t received it I called their help centre this afternoon only to discover that Hafna only ordered my PIN on Tuesday! Maybe she did need chips.

I’m sending the branch a little letter asking them to ask Hafna to explain herself. I’ve popped in a self-addressed envelope for their convenience.


I’ve been sat in silence writing this letter to Nationwide and apparently a delivery ninja failed to deliver without a sound.

I. Was. Sat. In. Silence. My. Flat. Faces. The. Quiet. Road. My. Window. Was. Open. Apparently I am mistaken. Apparently I mistook the guttural rumble of their delivery van for complete and utter silence! How could it be? Could it be that they didn’t bother?

They’ve rescheduled my delivery for tomorrow — I should expect a call when they’re outside my property. It could be any time. I can’t go out. I’ve told them that I expect my order by 12pm. We’ll see…

On a brighter note

Refusing to take any more bullshit (thanks Co-op, Janis & Rosie!) is getting me very good at not being amused, and not being amused reasonably too! Well, sarcastically. I shouldn’t take pride in making someone stutter but then they should’ve done what they said they would do in the first place.

Positives. There’s always positives and sarcasm.


Tomos James