I’m a dictation master

Maths saying yo Bob’s doing what the use of Martha pass the worker say trees Siri please Siri

Exactly what I dictated…

If you can’t tell it’s a bit of Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love).

I was practicing dictating so I can get the words all typed up (sort of) as I’m writing / speaking (whatever) coz I forget what I’m saying — from this I’ve learnt that I need to speak slow.




My problem is I’m Welsh so I speak real quick — I’m going to have to patronise my phone, it seems, if I want to make this work.

I can just see myself walking down the street patronising random crap aloud and getting punched ’cause someone thinks I’m patronising them. It’s my phone! I’m patronising it so it understands me!

Also, I’ve just realised that I mumble so I’m going to have to enunciate, aren’t I? Proper clear, my posh voice. Goddammit. I’ma getting punched for patronising poshly.

Tomos James