Inner ear / Stemetil update

The last Stemetil I took was on Wednesday night — the world is still a bit wobbly, still a bit sickly, but not enough for a tablet.

After 4 weeks of this I can safely say that I’m done, sick of it, it can fuck off — being unsteady on my feet I can accept, can use to my comedic advantage, but the sickness is something different. It debilitates. I have never felt so nauseous, not even after a heavy weekend.

If you’re stuck for something to do, skip inner-ear issues

Being so delicate is boring — daytime TV is atrocious, Netflix only distracts so much, and you end up practically housebound.

Phone calls cause issue — I believe it is the pressure created by the sound — and cars do you no good because after you’ve got to where you’re going you need a lie down for an hour.

It’s hideous.

Back to work tomorrow!

I can’t bloody wait!

I’ll get to see people, do things, and hopefully get back to normal.

There’s a chance, since this has been a constant, that I’m not going to feel too good in the morning — it is the worst time of day, the hours my inner ear really hates me. To combat this I’m going to walk to the train station, stand on the train, and take my time. I start at 9 so if I leave in an hour or so I might make it unscathed 😀.

In work, I’m going to ask if I can get one of those hook over the ear ear-pieces so that I can change the ear I’m listening through when on a call. I presently have one of those over-the-head ones and they’re bloody uncomfortable. I’m also going to see how to better split the screen so I’m not flicking between screens. When I was last in work that made my eyes go funny, made the dizziness come, and made sickness debilitate.

And Stemetil. I’ll be taking Stemetil with me just in case…

Fingers crossed, all this I’m done with. I want it to be done, I have needed a tablet — I don’t want to jinx it.

Tomos James