Face to face with my bully (almost)

I’d cause to visit that funeral home today, its hub branch in Fratton — first time I’ve been there in well over a year, and hopefully the last ever. When I die make sure the coop doesn’t get my body. They had 5 years of my life, they won’t have me laid out on their racking.

Much unchanged — I’ll go so far as to say that nothing has changed. Still the same. Silence.

Whilst sat in the quiet reception, having made appropriate small talk, I recognised the venomous tones of J (bully of an ex-manager) oozing through the thin walls. She laughed and God it sickened me, such a witchish sound she wouldn’t be out of place in a Coven — and I felt for the person she was lying to, I heard J say that ‘the coop is a great place to work’. Yeah, if your face fits and you’ve no thoughts on self-preservation.

It takes an awfully long time to laugh and lie, and unfortunately after 10 minutes the reason I was there was done, so I didn’t hang around to see her.

I wonder what she would’ve done. I wonder what I would’ve done. I guess we’ll never know…

Hearing J through the wall brought back the feelings she made me feel, the inconvenience she made of James’ death, her deceptions and perversions to get her desire — I could’ve easily returned to that time had it not been for the fact that I refuse. Never again do I have to look at her wrinkle-scared face, nor clear up bullshit after every word she’s said, and I’ll never have to pander to try and keep her sweet to fail — all this means something to me.

I could hope that she chokes on her next salad; her final meal, a lettuce leaf.

I could hope that she dies as my cousin died, and her death is just as inconvenient.

But no, I hope she doesn’t change. I hope she stays exactly the same because then she’ll spend her last years in misery. The nursing home staff will try and cheer her up with balloons and funny faces but only death will bring her happiness. Happens all the time. Vile people die sad — how many bullies do you know who are happy?

(As a former funeral home worker I tend to wish death freely.)

Tomos James