Follow your timeline

It helps, when you write, if you follow your timeline.

You’ve got your story where this and that happens at certain times on particular days, and you’ve got to get there so you fill in with background and pertinent details, and it just helps if you know how much time you need to explain away.

I realised this gem when I thought I only had 1 whole day to explain away when in fact I actually have 2. Having 2 helps, I will give this, but it’s buggered up my whole chapter plan. I’m not going to be melodramatic and say that the whole thing is ruined but it is. I’ve got to rethink how I’m attacking it and I just want to get to the good bits!

All this could’ve been avoided had I just followed my timeline — I’m not talking with a fine toothed comb but maybe had I just glanced at it once or twice and paid a little attention.

Tomos James

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