A weekend flying a kite

Until Saturday I’ve never once managed to make a kite fly — I used to run with it and run with it, and no luck — Myles, on the other hand, (after a little help from Daddy) got the kite flying, doing tricks and all sorts, with very little effort. Eventually, once he fancied his lunch, he handed the already flying kite to me to look after and it flew! It soared! All those failed attempts were for something.

We then took a walk along the seafront. I didn’t realise just how short Myles is (he’s 2 ½ years, like as if that means height) until we got to the seawall. Daddy and I could see all the beautiful boats while Myles got a view of concrete. Thankfully, the wall-builders had thoughtfully inserted holes at the bottom for little people to see through; it’s just that big people have to see through these holes too, no cheating. I found it better to stay down once I was down, as opposed to falling over every time I got up.

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)The wall wasn’t forever and once we’d reached the railings it was time to look at the boats. There were big boats and little boats, red ones and blue ones — so very many boats, too many to count.

We then headed to Clarence Pier and its arcade and rides, stopped en route to make sandcastles on the beach and to watch the hovercraft come in and out. Myles won 2 prizes on the 2p slot machine (me, nothing), and Daddy and he took a ride on the teacups (I thought it sensible that I didn’t join them because, you know, vertigo). And we rounded the day off with some ice cream.

Sunday, I cooked a roast dinner and that was my achievement.

I love my days with Myles — amazing little child. We’re best mates — I’m no uncle, I love this dude unconditional. And I love my days with Shaun — he’s my brother. We’re like family — we’re not blood, we’re thicker. Pair them together and I have an amazing day doing something or nothing. I owe them a lot. I love them a lot. Best friends forever.

Tomos James