Taylor Swift & Kirsten Stewart — their white supremacy causes Ménière’s disease FACT

It is an undeniable fact that Ménière’s disease is the inner ear in hate — if your inner ear liked you then it wouldn’t go Ménière’s — and that white supremacy is also the measure of hate, but are the two linked? I wonder, is Ménière’s the product of white privilege?

In response to my weekend spent with my mate Ménière, Luis and Shaunda had this to say:

Yes Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart are RACIST WHITE SUPREMACISTS 01254 They both supported TRUMP and defending ANDREW ANGLIN the neo-nazi from the DAILYSTORMER 152 also they use their WHITE PRIVILEGE and NECROPEDOSADOMASO to silence WOMEN OF COLOR and MINORITIES. STOP FASCISM stop hate!

I have recently listened to Taylor, although I had to google Kirsten (she stars in Twilight, I’ve only read the books) — coincidentally, I felt queer after searching her name, but then that isn’t particularly unusual. Shake It Off features highly on my playlist and yes, when the song starts playing the world starts spinning — I originally put this down to the dancing but now I’m thinking it’s because she’s a white supremacist.

After a quick google search it’s become clear that Taylor is an ‘Aryan Goddess’, a secret nazi with a supremacist agenda, and that she’s just biding her time to strike. She is waiting for Donald Trump to get comfortable before revealing herself.

Taylor is spreading her aryan message through her lyrics. It’s in lyrics like, ‘now we got bad blood’, ‘you have to fight to get the upper hand’, and ‘I can’t helping thinking this is how it ought to be’.

ALSO, I found this image of Adolf Hitler with a signed Taylor Swift portrait that confirms more than it disproves.


I didn’t really look into Kirsten Stewart because Shaunda and Luis have said she is a white supremacist and they’re right about Taylor, the picture proves it.

The link that links them all

I think medical research is required to definitively link Ménière’s disease with white supremacy — someone should really get on this and I think it’s disgusting that no-one has. Or maybe the research has already been done — wait, let me start again.

When Donald Trump is a bit more settled there’s going to be a big reveal and we’re going to learn how the likes of Taylor Swift and Kirsten Steward medically cause Ménière’s because they’re white supremacist. I don’t need to say any more because I’ve already described how I feel sick listening to Taylor, and how just by googling Kirsten’s name I felt like I was going to die — what more proof do you need? Besides, the medical jargon would be hard to follow.

Now just because Taylor Swift and Kirsten Stewart aren’t comfortable yet to publicly admit their aryan agendas it doesn’t mean they aren’t working for the cause. They ARE wearing us down with dicky stomachs, tinnitus, and vertigo.

Now you know.

Tomos James