A weekend doing nothing

I did absolutely jack shit besides feeling like crap, writing, and watching movies. I also ate, had a bout of projectile vomit, slept, and had to go to the shop.

Jeff came back to the family fold after 4 weeks on the lam — I do wonder what has been achieved. He needs to learn to behave, he’s said, which is on odd way of putting it.

On the Ménière’s front, not so bad today — apparently my inability to stand is hilarious. I somewhat agree.

Oh, I also finally chose my new watch last night — it’s only taken me about 3 months to decide which one I liked. It’s blue and it has hands, and it’s going to be worn on my wrist, and with it I’ll probably check my phone for the time.

So all in all, I suppose, this jack shit weekend has been pretty busy.

PS, I finally remembered to tell work about the dentists tomorrow! Only taken me, what? Two weeks! Stupid selective memory.

Tomos James