First aid skills in practice

Whilst frying an egg for breakfast this morning — KA BOOM! — it exploded, and the searing hot oil on my fingers was quite a surprise.

It was only last week I was speaking with Georgina, a fellow first aider, on how we had to meet up to practice what we’ve learnt. And today here I was at 10am with a burns victim who happened to be myself.

I didn’t panic. I screamed “DON’T PANIC!” and I didn’t, I was very much in control of myself. I took myself to my laptop, chose 4 songs that took me passed 10 minutes, and held my fingers under the cold tap until the songs were finished and my joints were numb.

The verdict: They are still a little stingy, I’m going back to the tap in a minute, but ‘a little stingy’ is a lot less than the searing burning they were, so this first aid lark really does work.

Tomos James